Movement + Awareness = Lightning in a Bottle

And that’s what you’ll be after we work together. Because changing your posture isn’t just about standing still. It’s about sleeping peacefully, waking up refreshed, and taking on the day with vigor.

You only get one life, so don’t just go through the motions. Take the reins and steer this pony.

Because how you move your body is also how you move through life.


The Space Lab

Your body holds the answers to questions your mind cannot fathom. You can’t outthink your ingrained behavioral patterns, you have to address them at the operating system level, i.e. your physical body and nervous system. My signature program uses intentional movement and awareness to to sidle up to old programming, learn its ways and gently defrost stuck or self-limiting patterns. It’s like hitting the reset button on your body….and your life.

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Luxury Retreat

The only thing better than exploring space in The Space Lab is doing it in person. When 10-20 people come together to better themselves in a place so gorgeous it deserves its own Instagram, some seeeeerious business is about to go down. Prepare for 3 days of movement with hands-on bodywork in stunning surroundings while we peel away those layers of tightness so you can connect with your natural, core movements.

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Book Me to Speak

Your posture is a 24/7 tower broadcasting signals about your stress levels, anxiety, nerves, confidence, and who’s in charge. During my talks, I help you and your team learn how to send the right signals, so to speak. Increased creativity. More productivity. And zero ruts on the horizon.

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Private Intensives

Your future self is calling. And texting. And PMing you on Facebook. (Just kidding, it’s not your future self calling—it’s me.) And during our 1:1 hour-long  in-person Seattle intensives, we’ll talk about how you’re living your life, what that does to your posture, and how that posture is attacking the other areas of your life. (There’s also lunch, snackies, movement mojo, and a few surprises—because what’s life without surprises?) We can stretch your hip flexors until we’re blue in the face (and our butt’s covered in polka dots), but pinpointing the stressors of your life help us pinpoint the stressors in your body, too. Stop letting your body hold you back.

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