Another year’s gone by and you still feel small.

You’re going to do something about it (besides complain to your husband and beg him to tell you the secret to life), any day now.

Right after you fold the rolling hills of laundry currently adorning your bedroom floor.

And file your taxes—from 2010.

And talk your overly-caffeinated sister down from the rafters after another breakup.

But another 365 days have flown by, and you still don’t feel so hot*.

*Symptoms include wondering if this is all there is, oodles of regret and wanting to hit the do-over button.


The good news?

It’s not too late, and you’re not beyond hope. (For the record, neither is that body of yours.) Deep inner peace and unwavering confidence are waiting in the one place you haven’t looked quite yet—inside your own body.


Shrinking is so five minutes ago.

Are you ready to take back your space and truly own it?

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About Sukie

I’m a little bit of a rebel, and usually my best clients are, too.


I’m a radical bodyworker — and it’s important to note that your body and brain are one integrated system comprised of not only your thoughts, but also your unconscious mind, emotions, and physical sensations. In a way, your body is your life because it’s the medium through which you interact with and relate to the world.

So, I work with all of you — your life, your emotions, your experience — and we use your body as the source of information rather than the stories your conscious mind wants to tell you. Those stories can be a trap or a psychic prison. I help you get out of the trap by figuring out what the sensations in your body (rather than your story-telling, sometimes-lying mind) can tell you about your life and your truth.

Revealing these truths using your body can be especially useful when you have a decision you want to make, and want to make it deliberately rather than reactively, or when you’re trying to create change in your patterns and life.

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The Nitty Gritty

Oh, credentials?  I’ve got ’em.

Certified Rolfer
Licensed Massage Practitioner
Licensed Large Animal Massage Practitioner
Certified Kettlebell Teacher IKFF and AKC
Continuum Movement with Emilie Conrad
Stalking the Wild Psoas + Practitioner
Application Course in Core Awareness with Liz Koch
BA Spanish/Linguistics
Neurology of Posture with Don Hazen
Structural Aging with Valerie Berg
Over 10 years of private clinical practice
Body = Brain Course with Amanda Blake