Stretch Your Body. Expand Your Mind.

You already know there’s a link
between your mind and body.

What I want you to know is actually they’re the same thing.

Most personal development courses get you into your head. What we’re going to do here is use your body as a way in to mind-body transformation.

And it will change the way you think. It will change the way you use your body. It will change the way you see the world.

You will own your space.

Wave a little goodbye to ducking your head, clenching your jaw, and playing small. Bid adieu to your bunched (and hunched) shoulders from years of stressing in front of your Excel spreadsheets. And say farewell to feeling like you’re living a Less Than Life.

Less than adventurous.
Less than fulfilling.
Less than what you deserve.

The bottom line is that your body changes the way you show up in the world, and while you don’t need to be an Olympic Athlete, you do need to be able to walk up the stairs without it being an Olympic achievement. (It’d also be nice to put on your socks without throwing your back into spasms.)

What I teach my clients is how to use body posture as a way into transforming your relationship with your thoughts, your relationship with your self and your relationship with the world.



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Rigid Body. Rigid Brain.

Let’s talk nerdy to each other. Posture is a direct mirror of your neural synapses, which is a fancy way of saying that what you’re thinking on the inside shows on the outside—and impacts your body like, whoa.

Did you have an argument with that one toxic friend who has you feeling small & insignificant? You’ll clamp down on your ribcage, breathe shallowly, and duck your head.

Just gave yourself a pump-up pep talk in the elevator for that presentation you’re about to deliver? Play it as cool as you want, but the fact that your shoulders are hiked up to your ears gives you away.

Touch up your makeup in the rearview mirror with shaky hands before walking into the party? We can tell, because your weight is shifting from foot to foot and your jaw is clenched so tightly it could grind diamonds.

And just as your internal thoughts and beliefs show up in your movement, your posture can make you feel a certain way, too.

Spine as rigid as a fence post? That’s a good way to steel your heart against feeling too much – desire, fear, rejection.

Feet about as flexible as plywood and shins impervious as bedrock? It’s difficult to feel grounded when you can’t actually, you know, feel the ground.

Do decisions stress you out more than a cliffhanger episode of Game of Thrones? It’s hard to make choices when tension in your body prevents from sensing your desires.

The shape your body holds, the tension in your muscles, even how much your ribs expand (or not) to accommodate your breathing all determine how fully you own your space.

Your posture is a
broadcast tower
sending signals
about your stress
levels, nerves,
confidence, and
who’s in charge.*

*To everyone. To your mom, your partner, your boss and even your own brain.

The Space Lab
is all about:

  • Attraction. Confidence has less to do with weight, body size, shape, or “beauty,” and everything to do with how comfortable you look and feel in your skin. (Did you know that most of what makes someone attractive is their body language?)
  • Inspiration. Creativity needs room to breathe. With this simple exercise, your it’ll get a breath of fresh air (and feel refreshed) instantaneously.
  • Flexibility. Aging doesn’t have to be some depressing process of slow decline. Increased flexibility means more morning walks with the dog, tearing up the golf green without grimacing in pain, and gardening sans all the grumbling from your knees.
  • Prevention. Learn how to release tight hands and forearms from too much time at the computer so Carpal Tunnel Syndrome doesn’t sneak up on you.
  • Education. Did you know you have a “muscle of the soul”? (It’s not quite as sparkly as the Heart of the Ocean from Titanic, but still just as monumentally important.)
  • Relaxation. By reducing cortisol levels and the sort of stress that makes people eat dry brownie mix/slap their neighbor, we’re releasing tension in your body and mind. I’ll show you a simple balancing exercise that instantly lets go of the tension in your “anxiety muscle” so you can inject your energy into the things that matter most to you.

Your posture is the difference
between feeling like shit
and feeling like THE shit.

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