Is running your creative business exhausting your creativity?

Here’s the dilemma:

Creativity fuels your business….

…but your business siphons your creativity.

This is Creative Gridlock.

The plateau that you reach when you’ve crafted something magnificent and meaningful out of your own creativity — but now the daily management demands of your incredible creation impinge your creative capacity and obstruct growth.

This is, of course, a high quality problem — but it’s also a serious problem if you’re a change-maker; a devoted actor, artist or craftsman; a thought-leader; or an influential founder or CEO who is committed to something bigger than yourself.

Creativity and devotion brought you this far….

….but you’ve still got so much further to go.

When it comes to your potential? You’ve barely scratched the surface.

Your vision is truly expansive.

Everything in our culture will tell you the only way to get through is to muscle through.


(a) that’s not true, and

(b) I do not want you to visit that kind of harm upon yourself.

Muscling through creates tension that makes you both rigid and fragile — and it wears you down fast.

There is, however, a way to vanquish Creative Gridlock without sacrificing your heart and soul.

You can better access your capacity for growth, intuition and connection by restoring your nervous system to its natural rhythm — and this is what I do with my clients.

I want you to take exquisite care of yourself, your life and your loved ones.

I want you to live beautifully, deeply and meaningfully —

— not in the chronic low-key frantic state that comes with opportunity overwhelm.

If you’re a victim of your own success, there’s no shame there. Success culture is designed to promote frenzy and overwhelm — and guilt for feeling frenzied and overwhelmed.

But it doesn’t have to be like this.



Somato-Sensory Attention Training

You’ve probably already tried meditation to increase your focus, calm your mind and expand your potential.

And that means you’re part of the way there already.

What Somato-Sensory Attention Training does is ground the zen you feel while meditating into your very cells. It’s a constant practice that goes with you wherever your body does.

IN SHORT: we’re changing who and how you’re being (not what you’re doing) in your life, and thus vanquishing Creative Gridlock.

And this is my work….

I’m Sukie Baxter.

My work is called Somato-Sensory Attention Training.

(That’s a chewy mouthful, right?)

It utilizes movement practices, hands-on myofascial release and sensory awareness to regulate your nervous system, unraveling physical and mental tension.

This work rests on my foundation of more than a decade in private clinical bodywork practice and the insights I’ve gained from hands-on work with hundreds of clients.

Grounded in the fields of biology, embodied cognition, animal behavior, trauma healing, movement practices and bodywork, Somato-Sensory Attention Training provides tools for anchoring change in your physical body so that you can affect deep behavioral shifts.

This is our work together:

  • to vanquish Creative Gridlock
  • to increase your capacity for centered living
  • to bring you back to yourself

You’ll be calmer, more focused yet more relaxed, and you’ll once again have deep reserves of the energy, creativity, curiosity and intuition you need to dream and do and make audacious impact you’re envisioning.

What to expect?


You will be able to take in and assimilate more subtle info from your environment.

You’ll be better able to receive and interpret messages from your gut

You will feel lighter, more playful, curious and aware.


You’ll be attuned to the thoughts and feelings of others (without taking them on).

You’ll experience increased capacity for empathy and compassion without draining your own reserves.

You’ll be able to establish deeper respect and safety that allows your team or audience to flourish.


You’ll be in the zone more easily and consistently maintain focus without feeling exhausted.

You’ll sleep better and wake up refreshed, able to take on the day with vigor.

You will respond to the demands of current situations rather than reacting out of past negative experiences and conditioning.


You can escape behavioral loops that perpetuate limiting patterns of thought and action.

You’ll see the world through an expanded lens and be more innovative as a result.

You’ll experience a deeper, more trusting and connected relationship with yourself — and others.

more personal awareness.

a better ability to connect with others.

and less overwhelm.

So you can drive your creative venture forward — without getting mired in Creative Gridlock.

The how….

I work in 1:1 private intensives on location in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle.

We meet for five hours of deep work where I train you in the tools of somatosensory awareness so that you can vanquish Creative Gridlock, become more centered and bring the frazzled, fragmented pieces of your mind and soul back to yourself.

We meet in a neutral location — I don’t do home or office visits because distractions and the normalcy of your environment cause you to constantly “patrol the perimeter” with your attention, diminishing the value of our work together. Specific location details will be sent to you once a date is secured.

Lunch and snacks are provided, as are all relevant tools. Just bring yourself!

Private intensives are followed up by two thirty-minute support calls where you can ask questions or troubleshoot any lingering sticky issues.

And, of course, I’m available by email or text for quick help and clarifications.



It’s not meditation.

It’s not magic.

It’s an entirely new way to vanquish Creative Gridlock and access your deepest self.

1:1 | $4500