For when you feel throttled by your own life.

Imprisoned by the tentacles of obligation.

When your daily grind feels like existing inside of a too-small closet.

For when you lie awake in the middle of the night and wonder: Is this all there is?

For people who know they need to make a change…but how?

Who don’t know what to do with their lives, but know for damn sure it’s not this.

The Prison Break Sessions

One hour. Holding space. For truth, or clarity, for a way forward.

Virtual. By phone or computer. From anywhere in the world.

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True Confessions

Sukie Baxter is a woman with an incredible heart and wisdom beyond her years. She has an amazing ability to focus entirely on the person she is with, listen carefully to him or her and respond in a way that encourages confidence and growth. Not only did I become completely relaxed and calm during my session, but I found myself much more present and accepting of myself. Being around Sukie makes me want to be a better person. I would recommend her to anyone I know.


Sukie’s Prison Break Session did just that. She knows the nature of my business and was able to ask the right questions, and then give me clear, no-nonsense, and immediately applicable steps for getting out of the paralyzing mental state I was in regarding moving my bodywork practice forward.


I see therapists charging a lot for painful, hit and miss sessions and retreats. People go on several $2500 one week deep trauma healing retreats and get less benefit than I had from the first 45 minutes with you.


Sukie helped me get in touch with my body (She even gave me a mantra just for my body, not for my logical brain) and it has already helped ease my chronic pain. I’m even doing my stretches in a different way, with a mental and physical ease I have never felt before, due to Sukie’s coaching.



from confining systems and ideas.

Because life’s too short to live in a box.


Buy Now $150