If you’re a maker, builder, entrepreneur, designer, author or eminent artist, you are a member of the Relentlessly Creative.

We are an elite group who doesn’t just make things. We make things that change the world.

Because for us creativity isn’t a flight of fancy but rather a biological imperative, we oscillate constantly between burnout born of our frantic, crushing ambition and escapist daydreams about leaving it all behind.

Sacrificing your physical and mental health to make an impact isn’t necessary.

Abandoning your aspirations to live a healthy mindful life isn’t either.

Unfortunately, to keep up with the fast pace of life these days, you have to keep the productivity pedal to the metal or you’ll be left in the dust.

This is where I come in.

It’s neurological fact that you can’t produce your best stuff when you’re stressed, exhausted, burnt out, overwhelmed and frantic.

But there is a solution. You can actually increase your nervous system’s capacity to handle frenzy.

That means greater focus. Mental clarity. Profound insights. Unprecedented creativity.

Not always feeling like you’re either in frantic maker mode or completely checked out.

“I see “therapists” charging a lot for painful, “hit and miss” sessions and retreats. People go on several $2500 one week “deep trauma healing” retreats and get less benefit than I had from the first 45 minutes on zoom with you.”

-Kris Lunde, Norway

You don’t need another productivity hack, a better green smoothie or secrets of the ultra successful. What you need is a nervous system upgrade.

Imagine waking up and instead of feeling scattered with 60 million tiny things that have to get done bogging down your brain, you feel clear, focused, inspired and energetic.

No special diets. No complicated morning rituals. Just a body and brain that aren’t bogged down by useless programming, out of date conditioning, old traumas or clunky belief systems.

This is Your Escape Hatch

My clients are exceptional leaders, artists and entrepreneurs doing impactful work. Since you and I are only human and thus bound by the physical constraints of the space-time continuum, there are only so many hours in a day.

As such, I have to be selective about who I work with, and you should be too.

That’s where The Escape Hatch comes in. This is a FREE, no-risk trial of my work.

Simply fill out the application below and you’ll quickly receive an audio recording of my take on your situation. I’ll hit you up with my perspective, my thoughts about how we could work together and a few solutions I see that are available for you.

That way, you get a feel for who I am and how I work. I get an idea of your situation and goals. Together we can decide if working together would be beneficial.

A note on this: you won’t find any hard sales from me. I’m strongly against pushing people into work that doesn’t feel like a fit, and I don’t subscribe to any of that “self sabotage” avoidance of growth crap. If it’s a fit, we’ll move forward. If not, no hard feelings.

Ready to give it a run? Complete the questions below.

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